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Welcome to the official web site for independent songwriters Jenkinson-Bach.

Ian Jenkinson is from Ireland while Raymond Stephen Bach is from New York. This new world of advanced remote technology that we all now enjoy, enables them both to co-write and perfect their original songs on a continuous basis. When these are pitch perfect, they produce and record all of their demo tracks in Nashville.

Their music genres include: New Country, Country Pop, and lots of styles in between.  So if you’re a producer or a preforming artist, these original radio ready songs and videos are most definitely worth a listen to consider for your next project. 

Ian and Raymond are extremely proud of their diverse music selection and with the building and creation of their official web site they hope to bring their talented skill set primarily to publishers, producers, and performing artists and eventually to a global listening audience. Jenkinson-Bach are all about melody and word crafting, and their aim is to be able to touch people’s lives through the radio-ready music they produce.

They insist that they don’t need the spotlight, as they are both more than happy to continue to let others take their songs, personalise them and bring them to you, the audience they truly care about.

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songwriter biographies

Ian Jenkinson (IMRO)

Ian Jenkinson (IMRO) is a published songwriter from Ireland and has been writing music for many years. He is continually engaging with international publishers and artists to record ‘Radio ready’  original songs and make them their own. Ian is a member of IMRO, NSAI and SPP Nashville.

In more recent years, Ian teamed up Raymond Stephen Bach (New York) to form this very successful co-writing duo “Jenkinson-Bach” .  Here on their web site, you can listen to some sample Studio Songs and view some Videos to consider their music for your next project.

Further studio tracks can be heard on Spotify and on under the name Jenkinson-Bach.     

Raymond Stephen Bach (ASCAP)

Raymond Bach is a lyricist in the collaborative duo team of Jenkinson-Bach and has always had the innate ability and gift to write. Although he never took the gift seriously until a little later in life when he entered a lyric writing contest in The American Song Magazine lyric contest and was placed 3rd with a country lyric called Whiskey Love, which was his first ever country lyric.

From there Raymond quickly learned lyrical structure with verses, bridges etc.. and eventually how to write within the confines of a melody though he has always favored writing the lyric first and then having the melody wrap around it.

Raymond was fortunate enough to write for vocal prodigy Denise Bestman and wrote an entire album with 3 songs being cut. He also has a cut coming on the upcoming Garciaparra solo debut record, has had holds with artists such as Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood and others and has worked with artists from around the globe.

Raymond can write in any genre, whether for male, female, duets, singles or conceptual ideas. He is a member of ASCAP and is very pleased to be working with such a talented melody maker Ian Jenkinson.

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